Dr. Mario Ortega Campos

The area of V Ophtalmologic Center if formed by a group of experts that are enganged with prevention, evaluation and comprehensive treatment for your eye conditions as a part of you overall general health.

We are hand to hand with technology to offer ophtalmology treatments that adapt to your needs and as a result offer the best treatments and results available in a permanent and personal matter.

The services of eye care that the V Ophtalmologic Center offer include:

  • Offer visits for diseases of the front part of the eye, including cornea and conjuntiva infections; keratoconus, cataracts, iris and conjuntiva tumors, blepharitis, dry eye, scars on the cornea, trauma complications and eye surgery and hereditary diseases of the cornea.
  • Rutine eye exams.
  • Offer complex surgical procedures, including cataracts, glaucoma and retinal procedures.
  • Offer complete vision exams (campimetry, fundus evaluation, visual acuity, amoung others).
  • Offer prescriptions for glasses and adjustments for contact lens.
  • We offer modern surgery for cataracts, assisted with laser, intraocular lens and treatments for common and complex eye diseases.
  • Complete vision exam on patients with high blood pressure and/or diabetes.

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